Kineticos Ventures

Portfolio Companies


We are thrilled to partner with Kineticos Ventures and leverage their market intelligence and commercialization expertise. Since the early days of Promaxo, Kineticos has been an important ally as we advance our innovative single-sided MR and robot platform. They have consistently focused on what we wanted and then helped us toward that goal. Kineticos' business and scientific acumen has resonated with our team.

Fastback Bio

Kineticos Ventures has been a valuable partner to Fastback Bio since our inception. Their investment and strategic consulting were integral to our early success, and their continued support is crucial in our current phase of growth.


Kineticos Ventures brings together a number of great entrepreneurs and builders of great pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs. They bring more than capital giving access to a fantastic network of dedicated and experienced individuals.

Neuro 42

Kineticos Ventures has been an important, early partner for Neuro42. Their investment, as well as their market research and insights, have allowed us to improve and leverage our technology and accelerate the growth of Neuro42.

Inceptor Bio

Kineticos Ventures was instrumental in the launch and acceleration of Inceptor Bio. Not only did they lead our pre-seed investment and convertible note, but they were also critically important partners who supported our growth with unparalleled strategic acumen and a vast network of industry leaders.