About the Foundry

Kineticos is dedicated to forming new companies to advance science, enhance how drugs are developed and manufactured, and disrupt how diseases are diagnosed and treated

R1 Universities

Established sponsored research agreements with these universities and researchers as well as in-licensing top platform technologies.

Company Spin-Outs

Established relationships with companies seeking to spin out noncore businesses to allow Kineticos to identify and execute on these deals before others.

Company Creation

Built a network of life science entrepreneurs and executives who are continuously evaluating where they can create their next company.

Disrupting How Diseases Are Diagnosed and Treated

We focus on key areas within life sciences with the most
disruptive potential, including:

  • Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Protein Degradation
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Contracted Services & Enabling Technologies

Kineticos’ Value

The combination of our resources with the industry experience of our team and network of experts will advance therapeutics into the clinic and technologies into the market with remarkable efficiency.



Team and network of experts will advance therapeutics into clinic and technologics into the market.



Collaborating and working with leading researchers, ekey opinion leaders, and partners.



Direct and Co-Investment alongside industry partners to progress science.



Functional expertise to support strategy, governance, hiring, marketing, and regulatory needs.