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Kineticos offers consulting services that represent centers of excellence in cell & gene therapy and oncology, combined with deep knowledge in driving growth for companies in these areas.

With experience from hundreds of projects, we have assembled a team of consultants and operators, as well as a network of KOLs, who bring deep expertise to our client collaborations.

Our Services

Tap into our expert team and broad array of services to fast track your most important initiatives.

Due Diligence

Well-constructed due diligence can be the difference between a successful merger or acquisition that allows the combined organization to thrive in the market and a debilitating error. Effective due diligence can also be the difference between a successful and struggling private equity portfolio.

Organizations throughout the life sciences industry turn to Kineticos for insights to support M&A diligence. Primary research, expertise, and market experience fuel our work to help our growth-minded clients conduct successful due diligence processes and make the best decisions.

Voice-of-Customer Study

Kineticos passionately believes in following rigorous methodology modeled after the scientific method. Beginning projects with this mindset commonly requires robust current state evaluations and a thorough understanding of various decisions’ implications.

For these reasons, primary research conducted by Kineticos often lays the foundation for successfully generating needed insights.

Go-to-Market Strategy

The dynamic landscape of today’s life sciences industry presents nearly endless possibilities. However, out of the sea of opportunities, which are the best strategic decisions to achieve growth objectives?

Evaluating options and efficiently coming to strategic conclusions is easier said than done. Kineticos develops customized strategies combining decades of industry experience with rigorous market research, benchmarks, and competitive analysis, ensuring that our clients’ organizational models and capabilities drive success.

Marketing Opportunity and Competitive Analysis

Before making strategic decisions that will profoundly impact their organizations, life sciences organizations turn to Kineticos for market opportunity and competitive analyses. Whether considering an acquisition, adding to an existing portfolio, a new service offering, or moving into a new therapeutic area, the market and competitive forces must be thoroughly understood.

Primary research, expertise, and market experience fuel our work to help our growth-minded clients conduct successful market opportunity and competitive analyses — ultimately, making strategic decisions in a well-informed manner.

Pricing Strategy and Willingness to Pay

Establishing effective pricing strategies and understanding willingness to pay are integral to successful commercialization and life cycle planning. Kineticos generates market access insights helping our life sciences clients with strategic clinical and commercial decision-making.

Our pricing strategy and willingness to pay work is rooted in market understanding and is often driven by primary research. Through stakeholder mapping and highlighting unmet needs, analyses of funding flows, third-party payment policy analysis, and value optimization, we help clients define their products’ position supporting successful market launches.