Arranta Bio is a CDMO that partners with companies seeking to develop and manufacture complex biological drugs and innovative therapies such as microbiome and RNA-based therapies. The dedicated team, state-of-the-art facilities, and unparalleled resources are crucial for advancing products from development to commercial launch. Arranta Bio was founded by Kineticos Venture and Operating Partner Mark Bamforth.


Kineticos Value Add

Shailesh Maingi, Kineticos Ventures GP member, joined the board of directors during the Series A financing until the acquisition of Arranta Bio by Recipharm in April 2022. Kineticos, through its consulting arm, supported Arranta Bio with multiple market assessments and primary research studies prior to the Series A financing and to develop and execute on their strategy.


Investment Thesis

Team: Comprised of entrepreneurial and scientific veterans

Platform: Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs), pDNA, and mRNA vaccine cGMP manufacturing with multiple facilities

Unmet Need: microbiome dysbiosis is linked to infectious, gut, and neurological diseases and cancer therapy effectiveness. pDNA is a critical raw material for gene therapies. mRNA vaccines have shown efficacy in oncology therapeutics

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