Kineticos understands what it takes to be successful in the life sciences and healthcare marketplace, and we provide the services that enable our sponsors to reach their optimal performance goals.  

As experienced life science leaders, we foster intellectual capital and collaboration to improve performance. With active engagement and proven results, Kineticos joins with industry executives and teams to provide the strategic path for faster and better solutions. We understand the science behind our sponsors' business and the business behind their science.


We believe in collaborating with our sponsors to solve the most difficult problems they face. We do this to improve the lives of patients worldwide today, tomorrow, always.


Perform services that are integral to our sponsors' business success. As industry experts, we share a responsibility with our sponsors to operate effectively and efficiently while driving results.

Take a strategic leadership approach. The projects we take on consist of the most critical and challenging problems facing our sponsors. Our progressive, fact-driven approach to management strategies and best practices enables us to provide credible solutions that sponsors can get behind.

Bring the best to all sponsors. We know there is no "one size fits all" formula for every sponsor. We ensure the highest quality of service and bring together the best talents for the best solutions. 

Develop and foster our internal knowledge. Our scientific expertise and innovative business strategies are the foundation of our company. We cultivate continued learning for the benefit of our sponsors and to advance the life sciences and healthcare industry overall.  



We apply our experience from across the life science market to analyze data, identify critical patterns and conclusions, and clearly synthesize and communicate key implications.

  • Perform scientific examination
  • Collect, organize, synthesize data
  • Identify root cause of symptoms
  • Determine imperatives
  • Articulate mission

We develop targeted and completely customized solutions to solve our sponsors' problems based on our intensive data-driven diagnostics approach.

  • Develop realistic solutions
  • Determine course of action
  • Provide data-driven remedy
  • Implement and manage deliverables
  • Develop focused plan for execution

We see ourselves as stakeholders in successful outcomes , and we support and lead these critical projects from beginning to end and beyond.

  • Engage key staff
  • Lead implementation
  • Communicate to stakeholders
  • Lead and assist with execution
  • Drive outcomes

We develop, implement, and closely review project KPIs to ensure growth. Our proven experience enables us to strategically identify and resolve any future issues.

  • Maintain metrics for continued success
  • Balance scorecard
  • Provide ongoing support
  • Lead course adjustment
  • Identify new growth opportunities for revenue


Lab testing: sourcing efficiency 
CRO bid effectiveness
Re-energizing field sales
A new CEO and COO of a major supplier of processed biological materials, controls and reference materials to the life sciences industry were driving corporate streamlining efforts. An important part of the company, laboratory testing services, had not been evaluated for cost efficiencies in a long time. Kineticos was asked to review the lab testing processes and optimize for cost-effectiveness while maintaining or improving overall quality. Data gathering on lab testing costs was very difficult – IT systems tracking costs per test did not exist. The history of why certain tests were done in-house versus others out-sourced was not obtainable, as well as why certain vendors were used. The lab management did not have the tools to determine testing costs, or decide on in-house testing or out-sourcing.

Given the lack of IT enabled oversight, the testing costs were determined manually. Then for the entire test menu, potential out-sourcing labs were sent an RFP. These labs responded with proposed pricing for out-sourced tests. Kineticos and a client team went through the menu test by test to optimize the overall menu. Three strategies were employed to maximize cost-effectiveness:
• For each test: perform in-house or out-source
• For out-sourcing, optimize vendor
• Change test platform to lower cost if test result quality is the same/improved

Client reduced overall costs by 25% without any loss of capacity or quality. Kineticos has been asked to analyze other processes within the client.

“Energized my team; introduced new concepts; and developed actionable plans. Kineticos’ wealth of experience, knowledge and energy has been invaluable to my business. My team and I recommend their services unconditionally.”

- CEO, Life Sciences

Action empowered by knowledge

With decades of experience, our leadership team brings together
some of the best minds in the life sciences industry.
Shailesh Maingi, CEO and Founder 
Mr. Maingi founded Kineticos Life Sciences in 2007 and develops long-term strategy and day-to-day execution. Mr. Maingi also serves on the Board of Directors at Gallus Biopharmaceutical, a biopharmaceutical CMO, and on the Advisory Boards of Novolipid and Enci Therapeutics, two start up biotechs based in North Carolina. In addition, Mr. Maingi is a guest lecturer with the MBA program at the Kenan-Flagler School of Business at UNC-Chapel Hill. Prior to founding Kineticos Life Sciences, Mr. Maingi was a senior executive at Cardinal Health/PTS and Sigma-Aldrich/Supelco where he held leadership roles in strategy, business development and marketing. Mr. Maingi earned a BS in Chemistry from UNC – Chapel Hill and an MBA from Golden Gate University. Email: shailesh@kineticos.com
Chris Church, Managing Director 
Mr. Church joined Kineticos with over 10 years of experience developing and executing R&D and commercialization strategies for small, medium and large Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device companies. While working at two of the largest global contract research organizations (CROs), Quintiles and PAREXEL, Mr. Church leveraged clinical, operational, regulatory, and commercialization insights to deliver and execute on recommendations for efficient and effective R&D and marketing spend. Mr. Church received a BS in Anatomy & Physiology from East Carolina University and an MBA in Product Development & Marketing from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Areas of Focus
• Feasibility Analysis (corporate strategy, portfolio and product-levels)
• Asset Valuation and Market Positioning
• Alliance Prospecting, Negotiation and Management
• Pricing Strategy

Email: chris@kineticos.com
Bill Finger, Managing Director 
Mr. Finger came to Kineticos with over 20 years of laboratory experience. He was the Director of Technical Services and Sales Support at LabCorp Clinical Trials where he was responsible for lab sourcing from the entire network of LabCorp labs globally, building a sales support infrastructure, and managing the pricing and global consistency of testing. While at LabCorp, Mr. Finger also managed the Preclinical lab, Specimen Management, construction of the Biorepository, and Technical Services/Scientific Affairs. Mr. Finger received a MHA from UNC – Chapel Hill and a BS in Medical Technology from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

Areas of Focus
• CRO / Central Laboratory
• Operational Excellence
• Life Science Tools
• Strategic Sourcing and Partnerships

Email: bill@kineticos.com
Allan Badulis, Managing Director 
Prior to joining Kineticos, Mr. Badulis was a pharmaceutical sales executive with 15 years experience of demonstrated leadership and delivering results. He has been recognized for his strong business acumen, innovative thinking, performance management and leadership development. Mr. Badulis has a proven history of success in leading sales teams across multiple therapeutic areas including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory and anti-infectives. Mr. Badulis earned a BS degree in Psychology from University of South Florida.
Email: allan@kineticos.com
Tom Zietlow, Managing Director 
Dr. Zietlow joined Kineticos with nearly 30 years of diverse experience in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and diagnostics industries, across R&D, product commercialization, brand marketing and management. Dr. Zietlow negotiated and managed joint international ventures in Europe and Asia, including projects and marketing programs in diverse industries for Eastman Kodak, Corpex Technologies, Diagnology, Cardinal Health and Becton Dickinson. Most recently, Dr. Zietlow specialized in the emerging field of personalized medicine, supporting pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies in the commercialization of companion diagnostics as President of Diaceutics. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Kenan-Flagler School of Business at UNC – Chapel Hill.

Areas of Focus
• Commercialization of companion diagnostics
• Market entry strategic planning and tactical execution
• Strategic growth planning
• Market positioning and marketing execution

Email: tom@kineticos.com
Kevin Hampton, Program Director 
Mr. Hampton joined Kineticos with eight years of experience in operational functions. He has expertise in process improvement, project management, vendor management, and financial modeling.  Mr. Hampton is responsible for coordinating and managing project execution while ensuring high quality outputs are delivered to sponsors on time and within budget. Mr. Hampton earned his BS. degree in Business Management with a Finance concentration from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.
Email: kevin@kineticos.com
Jennifer Johnston, Program Director 
Ms. Johnston is responsible for the overall coordination, management and delivery of Kineticos projects. A pharmaceutical services and laboratory industry veteran, Ms. Johnston has more than sixteen years of extensive leadership experience in operations and customer service and led a diverse array of projects including complex business integrations, strategic partnerships and process improvement initiatives. Ms. Johnston is recognized for her innovative problem solving and hands-on approach to project management and execution. Ms. Johnston earned BS degrees in Microbiology and Zoology from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.
Email: jennifer@kineticos.com
Jonathan Leonard, Marketing Analyst 
Mr. Leonard is responsible for internal marketing. His focus includes market research, data analysis, proposal preparation, project assistance, and social media management. Mr. Leonard has experience providing key insights through market research and identifying industry trends. Mr. Leonard earned a BS in Social Sciences from Campbell University.
Email: jonathan@kineticos.com
Abe Maingi, Research Analyst 
Mr. Maingi provides support on projects involving strategy, operational excellence, and licensing in the CRO and Life Sciences tools industry. Mr. Maingi's expertise in market research, data analysis, and process improvement allows him to contribute to numerous types of projects. He has experience working on operational assessments, gap analyses, competitive reviews, and final report preparations. Mr. Maingi earned a BBA from Campbell University.
Email: abe@kineticos.com
Connor Ritchey, Financial Analyst 
Mr. Ritchey is responsible for Kineticos' accounting and financial tasks. Mr. Ritchey's expertise in accounting, financial analysis, and business management is exemplary of Kineticos' data driven consulting approach. Mr. Ritchey earned his BS degree in Business Administration with a Finance concentration from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.
Email: connor@kineticos.com


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