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Truly, What You Do Is Disruptive: A Conversation with Amit Vohra, Kineticos Disruptor Fund Investor

Learn how Amit Vohra, Founder, President & CEO of Promaxo, and Kineticos Disruptor Fund Investor got involved in the Life Sciences industry and...


We Realized We Could Potentially Replace Antibiotics!: A Conversation with Paul Garofolo, Kineticos Disruptor Fund Investor

Locus Biosciences is revolutionizing the treatment of bacterial disease using its CRISPR-Cas3 technology to kill targeted bacteria while leaving the...


We Didn’t Have Any Gun Powder Left!: A Conversation With Derek Hennecke, Kineticos Disruptor Fund Investor

Hear how and why Derek Hennecke, founder, and ex-CEO of Xcelience and Kineticos Disruptor Fund investor, took a chance, purchased, and later sold...


Past, Present, and Future of Gene Editing: A Conversation With Dr. Dave Ousterout, CSO and Co-Founder of Locus Biosciences

Shailesh and Dave discuss the history, present, and future of gene editing and CRISPR. They begin with the history of gene editing, and the...


The History, Present, and Future of CAR-T’s and Engineered T-Cells: A Conversation With Dr. Mark Gilbert, former Juno Therapeutics Chief Medical Officer

Shailesh and Mark discuss the history, present, and future of CAR-T. First, Mark gives us all the details of the early days of Juno Therapeutics and...

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