November 18, 2021

Voice of Customer Study for a Microbiome CDMO​


A global CDMO focused on the Microbiome was looking to better leverage its expertise to serve its customers and gain more market share. For our client to best understand how they can gain market share and better serve their customers, understanding the wants, needs, and decision drivers for customers is key. Thus, Kineticos was brought on to develop and execute a Voice of Customer Study.


When developing a Voice of Customer Study, we first need to determine who the ideal respondents are. Working with our client, we developed detailed demographics in order to qualify the best respondents who will be a part of the study.

Kineticos then developed and programmed an online survey, in conjunction with our client, to understand the Microbiome market and how customers select CDMOs for the Microbiome. We focused on the market needs, insourcing vs. outsourcing trends, key services and capabilities needed, competitive intensity, how our client compares to key competitors regarding key capabilities offered and customers buying preferences, and a view of the future for the Microbiome market. 

Once developed, Kineticos then launched the survey to our proprietary database of over 100,000 industry contacts targeting companies and individuals that match the demographics developed with our client. We monitor the survey on a daily basis to ensure we are collecting quality data as well as tracking survey burden and drop out. 

Upon collecting the necessary N-value for survey respondents, Kineticos then analyzed the data, creating a final report The final report contained all data from the survey as well as an executive summary with the key findings and recommendations.


  • Voice of Customer Study​
  • Competitive Landscape and Dynamic​
  • Customers Wants, Needs, and Decision Drivers​


Ultimately, Kineticos provided data insights and recommendations on what services customers needed and what drives customers decisions when selecting a CDMO. Kineticos presented our key findings and insights to our client’s Board of Directors, providing valuable insights into data behind the strategy our client was putting in place. Our client is currently executing on the insights gained from the Voice of the Customer Study.