August 25, 2021

Portfolio Optimization for a Fully Integrated Pharmaceutical Company


A fully integrated pharmaceutical company developing a class of immuno-oncology therapies needed a deeper understanding of one of their program’s differentiating attributes. Several indications were under consideration, and before further investing in clinical and commercial activities, the sponsor needed insights into:

  • Available therapies
  • What drives prescriber decisions
  • How their unique approach complemented the existing ‘toolkit’

Kineticos was asked to conduct a primary research study intended to understand the viability of the approach and how the asset could be positioned in the market post-commercialization.


Kineticos commenced the engagement by conducting a technology review to ensure the project team had a comprehensive understanding of the technology’s capabilities, differentiators, and potential limitations.

Next, Kineticos hosted 38 interviews with key internal stakeholders across the US and Europe to develop two variations of a Target Product Profile. The stakeholders answered questions related to distinguishing attributes, preference share, pricing/value, and other key components related to future development plans.


Kineticos aggregated and synthesized the data and identified key themes and trends collected throughout the study. The engagement outputs provided both the clinical team and commercial teams with facts, data, and insights intended to help drive future clinical development and investment decisions.