August 25, 2021

Oncology Commercial Assessment to Understand the Patient Journey


A clinical-stage oncology company with a potentially ground-breaking technology requested Kineticos to help determine which tumor type(s) had the most significant potential to demonstrate patient benefit. Internally, the sponsor was considering two tumor types and requested that Kineticos conduct a commercial assessment to help understand the patient journey, unmet need, and commercial potential of melanoma as it related to their technology.


After thoroughly examining data provided by the sponsor, Kineticos performed an in-depth analysis of the melanoma market and produced a comprehensive disease/treatment overview and competitive landscape analysis, including:

  • marketed therapies
  • standard of care
  • clinical programs

Kineticos also segmented the potential customers to determine where the patient handoffs occurred and what types of decisions were made by medical oncologists versus surgical oncologists during the patient journey.


Kineticos provided the sponsor with a highly nuanced view of the complex market, data-driven recommendations for targeting specific patient segments, and a picture of the commercial opportunity in the melanoma space.

Kineticos presented the commercial assessment to the executive management team. Ultimately, the assessment validated the sponsor’s original view on melanoma, and decisions were made with confidence and the support of facts and data.