August 25, 2021

Market Evaluation Assessment for Leading Investment Firm


An international investment firm was evaluating a potential acquisition, and to better understand the market the target company operated in, retained Kineticos to conduct a thorough, fact-based assessment.


The first step of the engagement was to interview industry subject matter experts and map out the workflow of interest.


Kineticos leveraged available secondary research and proprietary primary research to conduct a top-down and bottom-up market assessment. Kineticos identified top competitors with the client, then executed an in-depth assessment of each competitor and how it compared to the target company.


Additionally, Kineticos created a ‘View of the Future’ –evaluating key trends, opportunities, and risks. Finally, based on the data gathered, Kineticos developed a financial forecast for the target company and provided the client with a recommendation on whether to invest in the company.


The client leveraged the outputs of the engagement to inform the go/no go decision-making process, ultimately determining whether to acquire the target company.