June 1, 2022

Kineticos supported a US-based CDMO evaluating the viral vector manufacturing market to determine if they should expand their offering


A US-based CDMO primarily focused on biologics manufacturing is interested in expanding their capabilities past traditional biologics. Their hypothesis was that viral vector manufacturing is a key area for their expansion. Thus, our client engaged Kineticos Life Sciences to conduct a Go-To-Market strategy in order to facilitate a trade-off decision on entering into the viral vector manufacturing market.


Kineticos commenced the engagement by working with our client to understand the total market opportunity for a viral vector manufacturing, understanding growth, trends and key competitors in the space. Kineticos then followed up our secondary research with a primary research study, leveraging an online voice of customer survey and then 1-1 KOL interviews to understand the customer wants and needs in the space, key trends in viral vector manufacturing, and customer sentiment towards competitive landscape to understand who the top viral vector CDMOs are, what they are good at, where there are gaps, and customers views of these viral vector CDMOs. Ultimately Kineticos used this data to put together a trade-off analysis to make a go/no-go decision on entering into the viral vector manufacturing market.


Kineticos provided our client with an in-depth analysis of the viral vector manufacturing market, market trends, competitive landscape through secondary research and primary research understanding customer wants and needs and view of viral vector manufacturing providers. Ultimately supporting our client with the decision to expand their offering into viral vector manufacturing.


Market Size, Growth, Trends

Competitive Analysis

Voice of Customer Survey

KOL Interviews

Trade Off Analysis