August 25, 2021

Kineticos Launches Technical Voice of Customer Study for a Diagnostic Company’s Market Assessment


A diagnostics company focused on improving pediatric healthcare sought support to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and the market landscape for their point-of-care product. Kineticos was asked to support product development and provide critical insight into the technical requirements, customer buying preferences, and reimbursement strategies for potential users.


To ensure the product met customer needs, Kineticos launched a technical voice of customer study designed to reveal key technical requirements and buying preferences. Kineticos supplemented the survey with secondary research on reimbursement rates, analogs, test menus, and market sizing, among other market landscape factors.


  • Voice of customer study
  • Secondary research on market landscape factors


Following rigorous market research methodology, Kineticos understood the impact of specific user requirements, pay rates relative to similar platforms, and technical details of the point-of-care device, among other buying preferences. The final report detailed particular customer needs related to design specifications, test menu, IT requirements, and pricing.