August 25, 2021

503B Compounding Pharmacy Market Assessment


A global biopharma company was interested in a comprehensive evaluation of the 503B compounding pharmacy market. The client was interested in:

  • Assessing current market dynamics
  • Assessing key competitors
  • Generating customer feedback via primary research survey and KOL interviews
  • An analysis of the current regulatory landscape with the ultimate go/no-go recommendation to enter the market.


Kineticos first:

  • Evaluated the company’s internal capabilities
  • Developed and launched a voice of customer survey
  • Identified and assessed key competitors
  • Evaluated the market size and potential growth
  • Highlighted market trends
  • Evaluated the regulatory landscape

Kineticos then conducted key opinion leader interviews to validate previous primary research and secondary research findings. After presenting the primary and secondary research to the executive team, Kineticos then developed recommendations for the client, including strategic options (partner, buy, build) and a high-level financial forecast.


  • Recommendations, including high-level financial forecast and strategic options


Kineticos recommended proceeding with a market entry strategy for the 503B compounding pharmacy market, and the client retained Kineticos for the follow-on project.