An innovative oncology diagnostics company retained Kineticos to assist in developing their pitch deck, as well as developing and executing an outreach strategy designed to secure partnering meetings with key decision makers at biopharmaceutical companies. The sponsor was confident their technology was valuable to the market but charged Kineticos with increasing demand.


Kineticos first spent the time to fully understand the ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ of a partner along with any potential limitations. Once a partnering strategy was established, Kineticos created a pitch deck that communicated the sponsor’s technical expertise and market value. The partnering strategy was leveraged to identify and prioritize over 150 target companies that could each benefit from the sponsor’s technology. Kineticos launched several targeted email campaigns intended to secure meetings with each target company and also took an active role in all partnering meetings including introductions, scoping, proposals, etc.


During the initial 6 months of the engagement, Kineticos was successful in securing formal introductory meetings with 12 targeted biopharma decision makers. Of the 12 meetings, 4 have executed Master Services Agreements and 5 have progressed to detailed scoping discussions. The sponsor is expected to start realizing revenue from Kineticos’ efforts by month 7 and thus has determined to extend the current engagement.