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The expert team at Kineticos includes experienced professionals with strong, varied backgrounds in research and development operations, best practices, and strategic planning. Read the case studies, white papers, and articles below to find out what our staff members are saying about current R&D-related topics, trends, and issues.

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Case Studies
  • Tradeoff Analysis and Valuation

    Situation: A preclinical precision medicine biotech company, looking to leverage their genome editing platform technology, was seeking support in narrowing


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  • Go-to-Market Strategy and Tactical Deployment Plan

    Situation: A privately held emerging biotech company, with an innovative cancer detection test, retained Kineticos to assist them in effectively


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  • Business Planning and Launch

    Situation: An emerging concierge patient healthcare services company was nearing launch and requested that Kineticos support the final stages of


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  • Functional Process Improvement

    Situation: A leading global contract research organization dissatisfied with their lab’s scientific affairs function retained Kineticos to conduct an operational


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  • Lab Integration Strategy

    Situation: A global bioanalytical lab specializing in large-molecule bioanalysis was experiencing challenges while integrating with their large, geographically distant partner.


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  • Central Lab Operational Excellence

    Situation: A global contract research organization was experiencing operational challenges within the central lab causing the business unit to perform


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  • A Primer on Demand Generation

    Written by Kevin Hampton, VP of Marketing, Kineticos Heading up Marketing for a start-up professional services company presents a variety


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  • Shaping Elite Performance

    Written by Abe Maingi, Senior Analyst, Kineticos Prior to starting my professional career as an analyst at Kineticos, my primary


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  • Amazing Science, Engaging Leaders, and Improved Outcomes

    Written by Mark Osterman, Senior Vice President, Kineticos As many parents have experienced at one point or another, my children


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  • Increasing Campus Recruiting in Research Triangle Park

    Written by Myung Soo Kim, PhD, Research Analyst, Kineticos Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC offers many attractive features for those


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  • Product Launch Metrics

    Written by Bill Finger, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Kineticos With the culmination of a product created through open


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  • A Primer on Immuno-Oncology: Part 2 – Targeted Redirection of T Cells

    In addition to anticancer vaccines, cytokines, and immune checkpoint inhibitors, bispecific T cell engagers (BiTE) antibody (Ab) constructs, and chimeric


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  • How Metrics Can Help Identify and Solve Operational Challenges

    Article Preview As the sophistication of operational practices across life sciences increases; unfortunately, so do the difficulty and complexity of


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  • Growth by Acquisition in Life Sciences: Do You Have a Plan?

    Article Preview As the life sciences landscape continually changes, growth by acquisition has become increasingly common. Recent deals, such as


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  • R&D Revolutionaries: Why the Actavis/Allergan Deal Takes a Stand for Biopharma’s True Roots in Innovation

    James Forte of Kineticos takes an in-depth look at the recent Actavis/Allergan deal including the role R&D innovation played in shaping the deal’s outcome. Let’s be candid. It’s been awhile since any biopharma company was able to claim R&D as a core competency with a straight face. Biopharma’s R&D efforts have long been challenged, and rightly so given its output, but the Actavis/Allergan deal shows that the right investment in R&D can revolutionize a business. Could efficient R&D be the new definition of innovation?


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  • Driving Revenue and EBIDTA at CROs through Customer Loyalty

    Article Preview Determining customer satisfaction and loyalty is a difficult endeavor for most businesses. Traditional voice of customer surveys are


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  • Merck KGaA and Bayer Choose Opposite Strategies

    Article Preview Europe’s two largest chemical and drug conglomerates are changing course in starkly opposite ways. As reported in recent


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  • Next Generation Sequencing: Using Technology to Develop Mutually-Beneficial Partnerships

    Article Preview Arup Laboratories announced it will begin offering next-generation sequencing (NGS) based high resolution Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genotyping


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