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Biopharmaceutical Services Consulting

The Biopharmaceutical Services practice at Kineticos supports service organizations in achieving their short and long term growth objectives.

The Biopharmaceutical Services Practice at Kineticos has three service areas including:

Corporate & Business Unit Strategy

Sales and Marketing

Operational Execution

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Case Studies
  • Clinical Trial Services Go-to-Market Strategy

    Situation: Executives at a global biopharmaceutical service organization were charged with increasing earnings to keep pace with prior successful years.


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  • Commercial Strategy Review for CRO-Based Lab

    Situation: An industry-leading bioanalytical lab was in need of an optimal commercial strategy to increase revenue, improve new sales, and


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  • Pricing Strategy Optimization

    Situation: A leading Contract Research Organization retained Kineticos to conduct an in-depth pricing analysis, which would influence a data-driven pricing


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  • Comparative Advantage Analysis

    Situation: A leading global provider of product development services retained Kineticos to better align its market positioning with customer needs


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  • Operational Excellence for a Global Central Laboratory

    Situation: A global central laboratory was experiencing operational challenges with a key ancillary business unit. These challenges were negatively impacting


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  • Commercial Review for a Clinical Research Organization

    Situation: A global clinical research organization (CRO) was experiencing stagnating growth in their bioanalytical, central and cGMP laboratories. When it


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  • How Can CROs Gain Buy-in from Pharma for Investment in R&D Innovation?

    Article Preview


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  • Growth by Acquisition in Life Sciences: Do You Have a Plan?

    Article Preview As the life sciences landscape continually changes, growth by acquisition has become increasingly common. Recent deals, such as


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  • Driving Revenue and EBIDTA at CROs through Customer Loyalty

    Article Preview Determining customer satisfaction and loyalty is a difficult endeavor for most businesses. Traditional voice of customer surveys are


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  • Foundation Medicine and Clovis Expand Partnership

    Article Preview In April 2014, Foundation Medicine and Clovis Oncology announced the expansion of their partnership by developing a companion


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  • LabCorp to Acquire LipoScience

    Article Preview Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings is making a strong bid to expand its personalized medicine offering by adding


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  • ICON and Medidata Partner to Offer Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes

    Article Preview Over the past year, I have written many blogs about building partnerships with external service providers. When we


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  • NICE’s New Clinical Data Requirement: Effect on Biomarker Use in Clinical Trials?

    Article Preview The UK’s NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has for some time been the leader among


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